Dwayne Trower is the owner/operator of Denton County Cash-for-Cars.


I buy cars, trucks, vans, or SUVs in ANY condition, running or not! Body, frame, or engine damage is NOT an issue. Call me at the number listed above and tell me about your vehicle. I will quote you a price and if you agree, I will pay you IN CASH and tow away your car FOR FREE the same day.  No hassles.  No worries.  


Dodge Grand Caravan Sport burned and gutted.
A Honda CRX that was flagged by police for being without proper regulatory stickers.

Operating Hours:

SUNDAY - SATURDAY: 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM



Trower Enterprises

Denton County Cash for Cars

1822  Melinda Myrl Drive

Sanger, Texas 76266


About Me


My name is Dwayne Trower and I am the independent owner/operator of Denton County Cash for Cars.  I have been in the car business for sixteen years. My interest is in helping you remove an unwanted vehicle or vehicles from your property.  I tow titled vehicles in any condition for free.  Body, frame, or engine damage is okay; however I do require the vehicle to have four aired tires on it.  All vehicles are taken to a local crusher for recycling.  I provide piece-of-mind that your vehicle will NOT be put back on the road in your name.  (I am NOT in the business of skip-titling .) Call me and tell me about your vehicle. The quote I give you on the phone is the CASH you get for a complete vehicle (that is, with all factory or after-market parts still attached in whatever condition they were in at the time of the call).  My average response time for vehicle pick-up is 45 to 75 minutes. 

My Services


- Appraisal of your vehicle


​- Fast, free towing of derelict,

   damaged, or unwanted vehicles


- Cash paid at time service is



- Convenient same-day service

What I Need from You


- Title for your vehicle


- Keys (if you have them)


- Four aired tires on the vehicle


- Removal of any personal effects